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Welcome to Fallout-UE.com

Fallout is an older urban exploring site. Started in 2003, with a few friends all with a skewed sense of what is and isn't legal. We were bored enough to check out an old Air Force base in Foxboro, MA. This in turn led to finding other abandoned places and eventually, a full blown obsession with finding and visiting every abandoned(or somewhat abandoned) historical buildings within driving distance. There have been several "roster changes" on the site since it started, people drift away over time, get new resposibilties, or even just lose interest in the "urban exploring hobby".

The joke among us is that we started this website with 4 locations, and one of them was a 3 story chicken coupe. It's true though, Fallout was, and still is filled with some really awful photos of unimpressive locations. That's where a lot of urban explorers start out. Rather than replace all of that with the amazing new stuff we find and great new photos we're capable of after over a decade of shooting, we still keep the silly adventures of our roots featured.

Matt Fallout