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Danvers State Hospital
Primary Use: Mental Heath Facility
Open Year: 1878
Close Year: 1992

Abandonment History

The Danvers State Hospital is perhaps one of the most notorious buildings in Massachusetts. Since it's closure in 1992, the campus occupying over 500 acres has been in and out the spotlight. Released in 2000, a suspense film called "Session 9" renewed attention to the abandoned Kirkbride. Ghost Hunters and Thrill Seekers, as well as Urban Explorers, have been attracted to the site since the film's release. Also attracted to the hospital were a group of preservationists. Headed by John Archer, the group attempted to save the historic Kirkbride from demolition by AvalonBay, Inc. The group was unsuccessful, and in 2006 the buildings were demolished, leaving only a small facade of part of the Kirkbride.


The Nightclub of the Asylums. All but one of our many trips up the hill were at night. Our first trip was in the middle of the night during a massive lightning storm. The first glimpse we saw of the massive building built under kirkbride plan was through a wall of rain whipping at us, the building lit every few seconds by the lightning strikes. We made a "Mad Dash" for the kirkbride from the side of the Bonner Building, and were greeted with by an unknown prankster dropping firecrackers from the roof. Once inside we were followed from ward to ward back and forth every time we got onto a floor we'd hear he blast of air horn. Eventually we were able to trick our stalkers into thinking they were passing above and snuck out as they were about to pass us. The group hazing us was led by none other than the king of the castle on the hill, later to become one of our great friends, Mr. Mike Dijital. We made introductions and parted ways. Exploring the more of the building in peace. It was truly an unforgettable first impression.


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