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Eagle Academy
Primary Use: Mental Health Facility
Open Year: Unknown
Close Year: Unknown

Abandonment History

The name we gave it has little to do with what the facility is now and was when it was built. It was originally built as a state hospital to accommodate 75 patients, opening in the early 1800s, later to be leased to the military, which would build on the property to accommodate 1500 patients during the civil war, it's next reuse was as a training school, until it's closure. Finally its buildings are now used by as storage by a university. In 2006 a plan was set in place to re-use the remaining abandoned buildings on the campus.


While browsing a livejournal urban exploring community we stumbled on a new location that looked very promising. We checked it out right away, finding that it was pretty much wide open for us to walk into and out of as we pleased. The next weekend we returned with our friends Erin and Daryl. After exploring we literally sat down in he middle of the campus and hung out for over an hour. It seems we visited just in time because the location became that livejournal communities favorite place tell the most irresponsible people exactly how to find it and get inside. No more than a month later people we knew were being chased around by a new security unit that was hired to keep out all of the kids that were going inside and throwing objects from inside out of the second story windows or through the walls inside. It wasn't long before efforts were made to completely seal the lower floors of the once amazing hospital, that poured light though the windows.


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Which one is abandoned? Oh, all of them.
Set by: Matt Fallout
Taken in: June 2006
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Best trip EVER!
Set by: Matt Fallout
Taken in: June 2006
Taken With: Fuji s5100
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