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Fictional State Hospital
Primary Use: Chronic Care Hospital
Open Year: Classified
Close Year: Classified

Abandonment History

"Fictional State Hospital" is obviously a pseudonym. After our first visit to this hospital, the one thing that really stood out was that it was in amazing condition. Either very few knew of it at the time, or they just did not bother attempting to get in. With all but a few windows intact and the floors almost spotless, this was quite a sight. Within the walls of the pristine medical building are remnants of the treatments of yesterday; hydro tubs and iron lungs, many various contraptions I will not even begin to try and make sense of, and a fully stocked autopsy room. As of late this facility has seen more of it's share of vandalism, however much of it's charm is still intact.


One morning Chas and I met up with our friend Molly to try to attempt scaling the fence at Taunton State. Security was out in full force at the time so we thought we'd instead hit up a place we'd been to individually before but only walked around outside. We completely succeeded in getting into all of the buildings we tried to. But on the main hospital building I arched my back to much going into a tilt window and shattered it into my lower back and ass, glass was everywhere, and I was bleeding, luckily the building was in such good condition that there was a fresh, although old roll of toilet paper stocked in the bathroom the next room over. And we used it to stop the bleeding so we didn't have to leave. The main building was untouched, with literally no vandalism of any kind. We decided rather than to let word get out about this place and have any urbex traffic damage it we'd just pretend like it didn't exist, and not use the real name. So I decided to call it fictional state hospital here on the site.


Photo Sets

> Exploring with Molly!
Set by: Matt Fallout
Taken in: April 2005
Taken With: Fuji s5100
30 Photos

Back Again!
Set by: Matt Fallout
Taken in: May 2005
Taken With: Fuji s5100
26 Photos

A rare trip with Amanda cut short by work
Set by: Matt Fallout
Taken in: October 2006
Taken With: Nikon d50
08 Photos

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