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Hick Mill
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Open Year: Unknown
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I was told about this place by a good friend of ours in the urbex community, with the warning only go there on Sunday. So taking that advice i headed over there on a sunday with chas and our friend amanda. We got in no problem, it was pretty empty, we finished up and left and when we were pulling towards the end of the driveway a beat up pickup truck pulls in from across the way at the race track. the driver pulled over and almost pushed us off the road and into a ditch then blocked us in and started yelling at us "this is my private property! what the fuck are you doin here!" Poor amanda in the drivers seat is trying to tell him we were turning around but he wasn't having that for an answer. so we're kind of pinned in by a pickup truck with a guy that looks like every hick hillbilly you've seen in movies and in his passenger seat is a girl with overdone makeup that i can only assume he picked up at the track just before we were pulling out of the driveway, and he was going out to he building we were just in with her. What a crazy situation right?, and this guy is still yelling at us, and we're still pinned. I picked up my phone and started dialing, and the guy stops yelling, pauses and tells us never to come back the burns out and drives down the dirt road toward the building. My guess is he was doing something more illegal there then we were. In any case i'm never going bak there again.


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