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Little Dawn Sanatarium
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Abandonment History

The Little Dawn Sanitarium was built in the early 1900's on land donated by the mayor. The area was once synonymous with tuberculosis treatment because of it's location in the beautiful mountains. The quiet towns and fresh air were sought after by many patients with the disease. The state has been attempting to sell this property of several hundred acres, but two different towns which both have rights to the site have very different ideas for it's re-use, and all progress has stalled. One town had approved a sale that would involve the land being completely leveled. The other town, however, is convinced that there is a way to preserve these historic buildings and still make just as much money. Because of the site's remote location, it has remained in considerably good condition despite being abandoned for almost 13 years.


Very few people have seen the outside of this location; even fewer have seen the inside. This location in the middle of nowhere is among the hardest I've seen to gain entry to. We were roughly 600 miles from home and looking for a place to park that we wont stand out. All of the stories we'd heard about this place involved cars being towed and to the nearest impound lot, 100 miles away, or law enforcement following around any cars from outside this small village with a population just over 1700. I don't know what it is about my car but it just seems to go un-noticed. We managed to find a way onto the grounds and hid the car.

Once inside we couldn't believe it, the place was astounding. Of all of the places I've been I think this will remain at the top as the location with the richest most historically intriguing past, most interesting design, and most untouched, unattainable location. The layout of the main hospital building is like a wave with curved rooms and halls, the main entrance has ornate stonework floors, with designs and patterns, and in the next room is the most amazing thing I've ever seen, an enormous circular room with a large stain glass skylight covered in mason symbols. It looked like a cult meeting room from the 1900s abandoned then remodeled in white. I consider myself very lucky to have gotten a chance to see this hospital before measures were put in place to stop people from getting inside.


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