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Mission On a Hill
Primary Use: Former Religious/Construction
Open Year: Unknown
Close Year: Unknown


This location itself isn't interesting, and my pictures aren't that great, essentially the building is gutted, but i feel like i got great perspective on a few things though going here.

This building is a church/rectory/school in RI. It was once abandoned like any other of it's kind left to rot and forgotten, then it seems it had a new use. To be re purposed for the land it was on to build something new. It was stripped to the concrete of everything that made it what it was, ready for demolition. Then it appears was forgotten about again, who knows for how long. When you step foot into it's surrounding area there's no activity. A half finished job site, badly weather worn, fenced off and boarded up buildings are the first thing you see. From inside the building you cant hear any sign of activity nearby. A distant road, the first thing you see from it's windows is the condos not finished, boards falling off their windows. This building was abandoned and forgotten twice. I don't know if they just packed up for winter, or it they lost funding, but from just from walking through it felt like it was all left for dead.


Photo Sets

Abandoned Again
Set by: Matt Fallout
Taken in: February 2009
Taken With: Rebel Xti w/18-55mm
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