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Plymouth County Hospital
Primary Use: TB Hospital
Open Year: Unknown
Close Year: Unknown

Abandonment History

The Plymouth County Hospital closed in the early 90's, years after they ceased treatment of tuberculosis. In 2004, a fire destroyed the North wing of the building. It was deemed accidental. A second fire only 16 months after the first was found to be arson, and several local teens were arrested in connection with the blaze. As a result, the nurses quarters - a small, yellow building north of the main hospital - was demolished. A third fire in May of 2006 ripped through the third floor and roof of the building. The cause is undetermined, but officials say they had word that people were still inside. No one was found. In addition to the fires, the buildings have suffered more abuse from vandalism in the past 2 years than it has seen since it closed 14 years ago. Despite the noticeable havoc, it is still quite a beauty. This small, Spanish-style hospital is certainly one of a kind.


Our first trip to this hospital was unforgettable, imagine stepping foot in a building, if the occupants just up and left, and didn't pack anything up. That was the experience we had. The following two years were devastating to hospital, which suffered endless vandalism and several large fires.

My biggest regret is not taking better photos of the hospital on my first trip, the whole time I imagined being able to return for years to this completely unknown at the time, treasure of abandoned hospitals.

We did our best to keep the information we saw about this place off of public forums. Despite our best efforts it became a heavily trafficked location because of a particular Livejournal forum that felt that every bit of information about urbex locations should be free for anyone to see. Which unfortunately for everyone ended in the wrong people visiting the hospital and using it as a place to let out their teenage angst and aggression. Along with the physical destruction of everything inside the hospital, every flat surface was spray painted with swastikas.


Photo Sets

Lets just park right on the campus
Set by: Matt Fallout
Taken in: October 2005
Taken With: fuji s5100
18 Photos

Using Keti's 20D for the first time
Set by: Matt Fallout
Taken in: July 2005
Taken With: Nikon 20D
08 Photos

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