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Renwick Smallpox Hospital
Primary Use: Smallpox Hospital
Open Year: Unknown
Close Year: Unknown


For the last few trips to NY we had been saying we should check out Renwick, it's the hospital that cured smallpox, which I imagine is the only reason why the place is still standing, it's all walls, no floors, cielings, or roofs. unless you're really into hospitals it might not be worth all of the trouble and tolls to check it out, well unless you're from NYC, then it's already in your area. After about an hour of driving in the immediate area trying to find a way over to Rosevelt Island we made it over and parked, from the aerials, and everyone elses photos i had assumed there would be something to explore there, but i was mistaken. It's just a shell. On a more positive note, we did run into some local non-forum explorers there, who hinted us towards some other NYC abandonments we hadn't heard of yet.


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