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The Convent
Primary Use: "Nun Factory"
Open Year: Unknown
Close Year: Unknown


I was informed about this location via an email i recieved from someone that had stumbled on the site earlier this week. Keti and i decided to check it out since our elaborate weekend plans to go out of state got botched. I'm sure you all care but basicly i got sick and we decided to leave the next day instead, then instead of resting i had to pick up someone in the middle of the night that got kicked out of thier house. so when i woke up late that next afternoon we were like "what the hell this place is only like 50 miles away, lets go". when we go there a wedding was just letting out at the church behind the abandoned convent. we acted like we were cutting through and cut into the courtyard and hid out for a while then walked around the building when things calmed down and found our entryway, when it was clear we hopped in and the moment we got in we heard a loud bang followed by footsteps. so we hid. A few minutes later there was still no more noise so we snuck around on the second floor and spotted the noisemakers, two 10 year old kids jumping on the boards over the dropped windows on the basement floor. Since we were atually in no danger of getting caught we continued to explore the hell out of the place. Quite a good trip overall.


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Recon- Keti Style
Set by: Matt Fallout
Taken in: April 2007
Taken With: Nikon d50
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