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Yonkers Power Station
Primary Use: Power Station
Open Year: Unknown
Close Year: Unknown
IMPORTANT: This Building is literally falling into the Hudson River, it is extremely structurally unstable due to water erotion at it's foundation, as well as vibrations from heavy train traffic on tracks that border the building. DO NOT ATTEMPT ENTRY.


This place is by far the most dangerous place I have ever been so far. As we were climbing down the rocks to the shoreline beside the location, Keti fell, and tumbled down to the shore. I thought for sure she had broken bones. She got up and stumbled over behind some bushes because we were in plain sight, and we checker her out to see how bad it was. She had a lot of cuts on her arms legs and back, her clothes were all torn up and covered in bloodstains, and there was a bruise on her back that looked bad enough that she needed medical attention. I went over to where she fell and found as much of the stuff that fell out of her bag as I could and went back. I was pretty sure we were going to leave, but then she said lets get inside. Travis and I were like "umm wait we need to get you to a hospital" she was adamant that we were going to continue exploring.

We got inside and everything looked like it was ready to cave, the floors under us and the ceilings above us, as wells as all of the stairs. The place was amazing but we were clearly risking our lives with every footstep. At one point we had walked to an outside area bordering the river and Travis pointed to the section that we entered though, there was a huge crack going down the wall, it was starting to separate, the building was clearly in the condition that at any given time a large part of it could collapse into the river. Keti made it though the whole trip without any complaints and we even hit two more locations across NY after the leaving power plant that day.


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Most dangerous building I've been in
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I'm glad I missed the party.
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